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Friday, July 14, 2017

Rasamuththaiah's funeral


2:52 PM (1 hour ago)
Thanks Pearl & Sidney for sharing.
to Pearl, me, Ranjini, Daya, lawrenceratnam, Sidney, Udula, Colvin, Kirthi, Raja, Carlileqc, Kamalini, Vasanthi, Buddy, Sunil, Chitra, sugi, Shanthi, Asoka, Duru, “Devi, Derrwik, Chandran, Anikapota, Andrew

A very fitting tribute to a fond farewell.

Ras was a wonderful colleague indeed.

Ras would have been watching the entire proceedings with a radiant smile and I could hear his words'-thank you machan' .
The 6 batch reps look so smart & youthful.
We can only share our sincere thoughts.
May both of them Rest in Peace.



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On 14 Jul 2017, at 09:33, Pearl <> wrote:
Dear All,
Sidney & I attended Ras’s funeral today. The Hindu ceremony was conducted in the morning & the crematorium service was at 1pm. It really was a reverent & fond farewell to Ras. There were well over 150 people & the service was conducted by Betty’s brother the local Catholic vicar. Sati Ariyanayagam gave an appreciation on Ras which was delivered with reverence & gratitude. Rachel form the UK Sri Lanka Trauma Group also gave an appreciation of all that Ras had done over many decades to bring peace & solace to the many of our fellow country men & women through the years of conflict & strife in our motherland.
As many of you know by now Betty died a few weeks ago & the funeral was held on 13th June. Ras went missing a few days after Betty’s death & was found in the local Park. The cause of death was natural causes. Betty’s 2 sons Shaemus & Shaun had to mange the funeral of their Mother & Ras's within a few weeks of each other. Rasieka Jayatunge had been a great support to them.The SLMDA were there in full force & organised the wake at the church hall where Betty’s brother worked. It was a delicious cooked lunch which was shared by 150 or so.
From our batch there were 6 of us in all. Anula had worked closely with Ras on the UK Sri Lanka Trauma group & had attended Betty’s funeral too. We were able to capture our group in this group photo & were able to share some time together.
For Sidney & I Ras has always been a good friend. In all our meetings, Conferences in the UK or abroad & social events he & Betty were good fun, excellent company & always willing to help the events run smoothly & successfully. It is sad that both of them passed away within a few days of each other but that may also tell us something about their bond & love. May they both rest in peace. They were lovely people. I was able to speak to both Sons as I had met them many years ago as little boys accompanying Ras & Betty. The fund set up is still open and contributions are welcome. Punchi & Sati are managing it.
Hope you are well & look forward to our reunion next year.
Love & Best Wishes
Sidney & Pearl
Philip, Please forward to others as I am sending to addresses I had!!