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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Obituary - Godfrey Manuel

Godfrey Manuel ( Colombo batch 60) formerly GU physician Cardiff Royal Infirmary passed away in SL this morning.
> He suffered a CVA in Aug 2017 and has been ailing since. He was in a vegetative state when I saw him at Asiri hospital a fortnight ago.
> Funeral arrangements are not known yet. I shall keep you in the loop.
> Subject to the availability of time, I am minded to arrange a floral tribute to the family. If you knew him and wish to join me with a  message please let me know.
> If you think I have missed out anyone please feel free to forward the message.
> May his soul RIP
> God bless

> Ariya

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Obituary - Diniil Wickremasuriya

 Another batch mates leaves us- Dinil Wickremasuriya



9:19 PM (6 hours ago)

to me, batch, Karunanayaka, Wedisingha
Dear Philip
Please share this sad news about the death of another of our batch mates Dinil Wickremasuriya who passed away peacefully at Woolwich Hospital(Q.E) this afternoon after a brief illness.
He was a popular and a very kind hearted batch mate of ours who participated in most of our Reunions in the past.

His funeral arrangements would be notified later.
He is survived by his wife Prabha, His two sons and their families.

C.S. Nanayakkara

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Obituary - Sarath Samarasiri

Charith Nanayakkara

4:06 AM (1 hour ago)

to me, 1960, M.G.S, Titus/Malini
Hi Philip

Please share with our batch mates.

You may already be aware about the sad news of the death of Sarath Samarasiri, who passed away peacefully.

The funeral services are on 28th at Kanatta.

Sarath has been a very loyal colleague who was always helpful, sincere and cheerful.
He is survived by his beloved wife Nelun and his son Supem.
Our deepest sympathies.

We can only share our sincere thoughts at this time of the great loss and grief.

I copy the obituary notice which appeared in Daily News 26th March 2018



JSAMARASIRI - SARATH (Retired Consultant Physician,​ National Hospital,​ Colombo). Beloved husband of Nelun,​ beloved father of Supem,​ loving brother of Badra,​ Jayasiri and Kithsiri,​ brother-in-law of Anandalal,​ late Susila and Deepthi. Remains lie at “Restpect Home” by Jayaratne’s. Cremation at 4 p.m. on Wednesday 28th March 2018 at Borella Cemetery. 483,​ Bauddhaloka Mw.,​ Colombo
Charith Sena  Nanayakkara

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Obituary - Dr. N. Rasalingam

Professor Sanath P. Lamabadusuriya <>
Date: 29 August 2017 at 22:13
Subject: Re: Dr.N Rasalingam
To: Udaya Lakshman Kaluaratchi <>

Kalu , didn't he get colours in badminton as well?

On 29 August 2017 at 16:58, Udaya Lakshman Kaluaratchi <> wrote:
Just got the sad news that Dr. N. RASALINGAM has moved on.

He was our Head Cop in 1956. Got College Colours in Boxing, Hockey, Baketball. Was a member of the first ever Royal Baketball team in 1954/5 , in which most players were also national players.He was also in the first ever Royal  Hockey team  of 1955.

It was  in 1956 that our entire  rugby team under Lionel Almeida was taken to task by Dudley de S on the famous/infamous cigarette-butt complaint by the Trinity Principal Walters. No colours were awarded.There were suspensions, too,I think.

 Cops in the team were debadged as well as  members of the College debating team who travelled up to Kandy. 

Ras the Head Cop was not involved as he fortunately happened to  travel down with our Principal after the match!

One significant consequence of this episode was that Royal had no rugby coloursmen in 1957 at the beginning of the season. Perhaps for the first time Royal were being led by a non-coloursman, Roti S.! 

Those in College  at the time will recall how the farewell  Friday General  Assembly for Bob Edwards, our much revered Head Master, was disturbed by outside elements just outside our Hall, with catcalls etc.,which made Edwards get up and  go off the stage! 


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Obituary - Kamala Ediriweera nee Meththananda

Message received by phone from Mana Wedisinghe:-

Kamala  Ediriweera nee Meththananda expired today 3rd August 2017, in the morning. Funeral tomorrow at 10 am at Thalhena Cemetery, Malabe.
Kamala was  a resident at 'Sixty Plus' Elders Home run by the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress at Pittugala on the Malabe - Kaduwela road.
They had donated a building in Memory of their father, Mr.L.H. Meththananda, former Principal Ananda College, Colombo, to the 'Sixty Plus' Elders Home at Pittugala.

May she attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana.

Charith Nanayakkara commented on your blog post
Another of our lovely batch mates has departed. Our deepest sympathies and heart felt condolences Nana C.S.Nanayakkara

Obituary - Kamala Ediriweera nee Meththananda
Dr Kamaladevi Ediriwira  ( nee  Mettananda).             An  appreciation.

News  of the  demise  of   Kamaladevi  Ediriwira  , on 3rd  August  2017  ,  did  not come  as  a  surprise to many of us ,  as  we  knew  that she  had been  bearing  for  well over  ten years ,  with   fortitude  and  courage ,  a  chronic  degenerative disorder ,   devotedly  assisted ,  and constantly looked  after  by  her  beloved  husband   , Tilak .
  Despite  her   physical   disabilities ,  she  never  failed  to  attend  our  Medical  Batch  meetings , always  accompanied by  Tilak ,  until  2011.   We appreciate that very much.

Kamala  ,  as she  was  popularly  known,  was  one  of  the last  girls  to  enter  the   University  of  Ceylon ,  Colombo    in  the  Medical  stream  from Ananda  College  , Colombo .
Having  graduated  from  Colombo  Medical  School, she  worked  at  General  Hospital , Galle , in  1966 as  an  Interne  Medical  Officer.   
Thereafter ,  she  worked  at  Colombo  South  Hospital  ,  Colombo  General  Hospital  , and  General Hospital ,Kalutara   until   1975.
In  1975    she  left  for  Post  Graduate  education  in  Anaesthesiology  in  London  , where  she  remained  till  1981.
After  she  returned  to   Sri Lanka  ,  she  worked  at   the  Asiri  Hospital  ,Colombo ,  mainly  in  the   out  patient   department,  from  1987   to  1998.
She  was  the  University  Medical  Officer  of  the    Open  University   Nugegoda   from   2000  to  2006.
Her colleagues  describe  her  as  a very friendly person  ,  calm and  collected  ,    who always  had  a  kind  word  for them.

Besides  her  medical duties  , she   took  a  keen interest   in  the  activities  of   the  All Ceylon  Womens  Buddhist  Congress  (ACWBC),   functioning  there  as   a  Committee  Member,  from   1986   to  2006 ,and  also  in  the  organization  known   as  SUCCESS   ,  around  the  same  period.
She  married    Mr  Tilak  Ediriwira   ,   in     1971.
Last  few  years  of  her  life   ,   was  spent,    along  with  Tilak ,    at  a  facility  , run  by   the   All Ceylon Buddhist  Congress (ACBC),   at Pittugala ,   Kaduwela. .     Within   that   compound  ,   they  built  a   large  complex  of  twelve   rooms  , at a cost of   an  enormous  amount of money  ,     using  the     proceeds  of  sale   of  their  house  in  Colombo.      The  beautiful structure   they   built    was  donated to  the  ACBC , in  memory  of   her    father,    late         Mr  L.H.Mettananda     ,  for  the  purpose  of  using  it  as   a  hostel  for  the  elderly.   
Lately  ,     they  occupied  a  room  of  this  building  until  her  demise..
We wish that her journey  through  Sansara  be  short,  and  may  she   attain  the  supreme  bliss of  Nibbana.

Piyaseeli  and   Mana  Wedisinghe.

Gallege De Silva

14:54 (14 hours ago)
to me

Sad to hear of the loss of another lovely batchmate.Our deepest sympathies to her devoted husband. May she attain nibbana.
Chitra and GU.

On Saturday, 5 August 2017, 10:26, 1960 medical batch Colombo <> wrote:

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Obituary - Mettha Kulasekkera

Daya Jayasinghe

17:13 (2 hours ago)

to me
Mettha who retired from active practice passed away this pm  after a brief illness. Daya Jayasinghe May she attain Nibbana.

Hello Philip,
This is to give you some sad news. Meththa Kurukulasooriya (Muniratna) from our batch passed away two days ago in Melbourne.
She had pulmonary fibrosis and required oxygen. I am not sure what the terminal event was.
Please pass this on to the rest of the batch.

Charith Nanayakkara

21:16 (8 hours ago)

to meKarunanayakeNikapota
Very sad indeed.
Meththa had been such a lovely batch mate who was very friendly and sociable.
She will be missed by her family and friends.
Please convey our deepest sympathies to her surviving family.

Charith Sena  Nanayakkara

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Obituary - V. Karunakaran

Dr V Karunakaran


velupillai karunakaran <>

5:53 AM (2 hours ago)

to Velupillai
Dear All
With great sadness we are informing that Dr V Karunakaran, retired consultant Gynaecologist, has passed away peacefully on 19/01/2017.
Funeral arrangements will be notified later. 
Dr Mrs  VM Karunaharan- 02084671808 / 07958031964
Dr K Vithian
Dr Bala Karunakaran

Wednesday, November 23, 2016